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This is the fifth in a series of books emphasizing conversational Shawnee. We heat our home with a wood stove and much of our conversation in the winter revolves around the fire. "Check the fire! Bring in some fire wood. I'm going to cut some wood. I need to clean the stove. I started the fire. I put wood on the fire." I also added the different tree words for getting the fire wood.

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Audio Language cd
Approximately 80 min.

Book Five: Fire Talk

This 80 page book and 2 audio CD’s were created for coversational Shawnee language about the fire, firewood, tree talk, cutting firewood and fire things

Pronunciation or the key to speak5
Pronouns & Possessives        8
Fire Talk    9
Shawnee Verbs    16
Warm Fire17
Firewood Talk 20
Tree Talk   A - C    24
Tree Talk   D - L27 
Tree Talk   M - P29
Tree Talk   R - S 31
Tree Talk   T - W33
Getting Firewood   36
Fire Things         37
How to Put it Together42
Shawnee Sentences     43
Dictionary of words in this Book44

The words are pronounced on the 2 language audio CDs 

Price $19.95 + $3 shipping
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