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This is the first in a series of books emphasizing conversational Shawnee.
How to say-Hi! How are you?
and Other Daily Phrases. Book One  Revised
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Audio Language cd
60+ min.

Book One: How to say Hi! How are ya? and Other Daily Phrases!
This is a 70 page comb bond book with a laminated card stock cover. It is easy to carry with you for reference. It includes:

Section One: Just say "Hi! How are you?"
Howdy! Familiar greetings.
How  do you do? How are you? What is your name?
Answering, I say... Responses.
Weather Talk.  
Bye! Salutations
Section Two: People
People words- relatives.
Section Three: Who's mother?
People words repeated using my, your and his/hers.
Section Four: More Than One!
People words repeated in plural form.
Section Five: Useful Daily Phrases
Help!!! Sentences such as I need help. I am hungry,                                                 thirsty...
Doing. I am done. Let me do it and more.
What do with it! I bring it, I found it, I lost it and                                                 more.
Take command! Quiet!, It's hot! Stop! Listen! and more
Sleeping I am sleepy. I am awake. Wake up and more.
64 Thousand Dollar Questions Are you awake?, 
Are you hungry?, More!
Section Six: Every Day Items (a few words in each section)
Kitchen Items
Clothing Items
Putting it together. Making more sentences out of the                                       words presented in the Book.

Section Seven: Counting 1- 10

         Section Seven: Dictionary of words in this book

All the words are pronounced on the language CD 
Each book is 1/2 sheet comb bond with laminated card stock             cover.

Price $14.95 + $3 shipping
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