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This is the sixth in a series of books emphasizing conversational Shawnee. Seems like we are always talking about the weather. "It's cold, It 's too hot, A storm is coming, I want to have rain, Lightning strikes. I hear the thunder. It hailed. It's freezing,  
Warm your self by the fire!"   

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Audio Language cd
Approximately 110 min.

Book Six: Weather Talk

This 89 page book and 2 audio CD’s were created for coversational Shawnee language about the weather, hot weather, cold weather, cloudy weather, rain, wind and storms.

Pronunciation or the key to speak5
Pronouns & Possessives        8
Weather Talk   9
Shawnee Verbs    11
Wind Talk     12
Hot Weather Talk   18
Cold Weather Talk  24
Cloud Talk         40 
Rain Talk  42
Storm Talk    31
How to Put it Together   50
Shawnee Sentences        52
Dictionary of words in this Book53

The words are pronounced on the 2 language audio CDs 110 minutes

Price $19.95 + $3 shipping
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