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This is the forth in a series of books emphasizing conversational Shawnee. We live on a small farm and our lives seem to revolve around our animals. I wrote this book to aid in converstions about animal activities-name of animals, caring for animals, pets, clans, animal things and hunting.

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Audio Language cd
Approximately 90 min.

Book Four: Animal Talk

This 104 page book and 2 audio CD’s were created for those who are  interested in Shawnee words regarding the animals.  This book includes the Shawnee animal words, words about clan animals and pets. It includes words regarding animal care, animals things, animal sounds, animal feed and hunting.

Pronunciation or the key to speak5
Pronouns & Possessives8
All the Animals A-B9
All the Animals C-D12
All the Animals E-H14
All the Animals J-M18
All the Animals O-P20
All the Animals R-S22 
All the Animals T-Y26
Clan Talk30
Animal Talk32
Shawnee Verbs36
Animal Care37
Animal Feed42
Animal Things44
Hunting Talk47
How to Put it Together51
Shawnee Sentences52
Dictionary of words in this Book53

The words are pronounced on the 2 language audio CDs 

Price $19.95 + $3 shipping
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