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This is the seventh in a series of books emphasizing conversational Shawnee. My husband and I are often attending local Pow wows and want to converse about the dancing, singing, and drumming as well as dressing into our regalia. We meet friends and often talk about the weather and how we are all feeling.

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Audio Language cd
Approximately 110 min.

Book Seven: Pow wow Talk

This 140 page book and 2 audio CD’s were created for coversational Shawnee language at the Pow wow. The Book includes a few greeting words and talk about the weather and how we are all feeling. It includes words about dancing, singing, drumming flute and other music words. It, also, includes words about dressing and regalia.

Pronunciation or the key to speak5
Pronouns & Possessives        8
Greetings     9
Health      12
Weather         16
Shawnee Verbs     19
Dance Talk    20
Dances          26 
Drum Talk   31
Rattle Talk     33
Flute And Music Talk        35
Singing Talk     37
Regalia Talk 40
How to Put it Together          72
Dictionary of words in this Book74

The words are pronounced on the 2 language audio CDs 110 + minutes

Price $19.95 + $3 shipping
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